In September 2022 we launched the DieselFleetPRO a heavy duty diesel engine oil specifically formulated to meet API CH-4. Its robust performance is designed for use in diesel engines in commercial fleets and off-road vehicles.

Why upgrade from a monograde to a multigrade engine oil?

The new generation of multigrade diesel engine oil is developed to provide “all season” performance both temperature and high-temperature film thickness. The new Delo FleetPro outperforms Delo Silver monograde series as follows

  • Lower oil consumption over the engine lifecycle:

Extends oil durability

  • Better pumpability at start-up and saves on repairs

Reduces engine wear at start-up and saves on repair

  • Prevents corrosion

Designed to provide better corrosion protection

  • Improved fuel economy

Reduces internal engine frictional losses

Customer Benefits

  • Wide temperature operation: SAE 15W-40 multigrade provides good low
    temperature startability and high temperature protection, allowing use over a
    wide temperature range.
  • Maintain oil drain: formulated with proven metallic detergent additive system to
    neutralize harmful acids, helping to prevent corrosion and maintain oil drain
  • Maintain engine life and performance: formulated with advanced additives
    technology and premium base oils to provide good wear protection, deposit
    control and soot dispersancy performance, helping to protect the engine and
    running smoothly

The product is available in 5 litres, 20 litres and drum